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                                 TECH EVOLUTION ENDEAVORS

Since 1949,days of Martin Finucane  and the team , there has been tremendous advance in in computers functionality and the whole Technology  Industry at large.

talking of the Technology , Software can be classified as the back bone of the events behind it all. With Woodstock-(the first  ever conference  about  the WWW ) the fountain of transition(Technology) took a turn around . The forums held subsequently made preference which are the integration which have  made it easier to understand the broad Tech Industry.

The open Source Codes , the licence agreement through  the (ODC-By) has boosted the softwares development greatly. The Granted right of  reusing an existing programming code, enhanced ,the team work and sharing within the Tech world. the junior programmers each day are enjoying the Celeriac- environment  which has been fertility brooded  by the former demi-gods in the  field.

With the boost building unbreakable chain , the Tech-venture has lead to general growth of all sectors.Salute to the Dons who made what formidably existed as a fiction and lite dreams come true.The constant Updates and Upgrades experienced each day  are the fruits of the cultivated-minor events. similarly, the  updates have leads to downfall of  what would  have sustained the stability. Cursed are the rogues who developed the peeping  technique (hacking) which has  leading to lethal attacks  and break downs in the strongly founded heritage. The exposure of the  plans and agendas has disrupted every  in the calm camp of  imagery world. Today everyone is on worry , the resources are not on safe hands. Thumbs up the  gigs when are stand firm fighting the  gigantic nuisance around.

     by owlsmxtine king-Tech foundation