Intel core i9

i9 The supremacy of computing

                    CORE i9

           The re-branding might sound like marketing hype, but it’s not—or at least not entirely. Intel’s Core i9 is the first consumer desktop processor to cram 18 cores and 36 threads into a single piece of silicon, a feat that enables the kind of full-throttle task-juggling that a world full of 4K video and virtual reality demands.

Features of an  core i9 processor

  • Amazing Desktop performance
  • The super silicon is built with 8-cores and 16 Threads with each up to 5 GHZ frequency and fully unlocked. with that of phones containing 6-cores and 12 Threads featuring .
  • Optane technology and fastest wireless that outdo the Wired Ethernet enhanced bottlenet elimination technique
  • Thunderbolts 3 Technologies-removed the burden of cabling , allows one port that powers your PC as well,transfers data.
  • Thermal Velocity Boost which is opportunistically and automatically increased clock frequency above a single -core with inbuilt Turbo-Technology 2.0 frequency